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e:lect – e:lectrified remixes – New album

Get e:lectrified - The new e:lect remix album is out

Swedish female powered electronic music act, e:lect, has a new remix album out now. It is quite obviously named ‘e:lectrified remixes’.

Let us just highlight one track among many – the Dan Hansson remix of ‘No Solution’. It could almost have been co-lab between Erasure and ABBA back in the 80’s. This remix has an 80’s retro synthpop vibe, and it is made by Dan Hansson from the Swedish synthpop act, Split Vision. A band known for their 80’s inspired synthpop music.

Among other remixers are Jonas Rasmusson known from the Swedish electronic acts Train To Spain and Folk är Folk, a remix by Morten Kristensen, known from Danish dark wave act, Disrupted Being and the co-lab HellaMox.

You will also find remixes by well-known Swedish producer and remixer Patrik Kambo and Joni Panda.

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