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deZeption (DK)

“Electronic pop music – for your mind and feet“ is an expression of what deZeption wishes to achieve with their music: to affect your brain and feet, with beats, soundscapes and catchy lyrics.

deZeption is kind of a hidden gem from the Danish synthpop scene, due to various reasons and long silent periods.

The band started out very successfully, and they were among the first Danish synthpop acts to reach a larger foreign audience with the CD release of the debut album ‘Human Eyes’. Suddenly, they found themsleves selling CD’s and playing concerts in both Denmark, Germany and Norway.

The idea has always been to create something durable – music, that can affect people. And after receiving a lot of positive feedback about their music and liveshows, it motivated the band to strive for more. deZeption’s electronic music appeals to a wide audience, and therefore the band is blessed with having fans from all around the world – represented by both younger and older generations from genres like pop, rock, dance and more.

deZeption was originally formed in May 2003 as a part time project. Founded by Jan Brink and Claus Lindeskov Hansen. Two everyday guys who wanted to dream, form, create music and debate something new through lyrics, saying something heartfelt and meaningful. Create music, that was everlasting. The collaboration and creativity actually turned out to give a better result than expected: Synergy. The intention was to create a positive and inspiring sound with deep, meaningful and often very ambiguous lyrics.

The desire to express the music to a wider audience, led to the desire to play concerts. In May 2005, Kim B. Sommer was hired as a live keyboard player, and as it turned out, the chemistry was so good, that Kim subsequently was invited as a permanent member of the band.

When combining the strength of differences and mutuality, it soon became quite clear, that these guys had found something original, different and brilliant. Together, they created a new uplifting and harmonic sound, with a slight retro vibe. And the band would soon be renowned for this sound, and thus the path towards success was laid.

Seeking their own sources of inspiration, deZeption worked towards a common goal: The release of the debut album ‘Human Eyes’.

The very succesful CD release of the debut album ‘Human Eyes’ in 2008, was like a dream come true. Today, this album is a real synthpop treasure in the music collection of many electronic music fans.

deZeption was ready to take on the world with their unique, yet very honest sound, and energy, which is defined somewhere in between dance-inspired rhythms and soft melodic leads and soundscapes, with an urge to add human feelings into electronic music. Simple, bright – pure, crystal clear ‘Futurepop with an edge’, as the band prefered to call it. And the band played many concerts in both Denmark, Germany and Norway.

But, sometimes great success also has a prize… We all know, finding the right work-life balance can be difficult, especially when you also have a passion for music. It is like having a second job, and it can be difficult to find time for it all… deZeption and leadsinger Claus split ways in August 2011, and in recent years Claus has revived his passion for electronic music under the name

In July 2012, Henning Wibrand was welcomed, as the new lead singer in deZeption. His arrival, took deZeption’s music and lyrics to a new level. After releasing the 2nd. album “Mature”, and making a music video for the song ‘While the Wind Blows’ in 2017, Kim B. Sommer decided to leave deZeption. Today, Kim B. Sommer is in the band called Synthnoter. The ‘new’ deZeption was playing their “debut” concert in 2018, however Jan and Henning decided in October 2019, to end their co-operation due to different reasons.

In fact, Morten Kristensen from the popular Danish dark wave act Disrupted Being has also played with deZeption as a live member.

Today, deZeption is a “one man band” with Jan Brink. The sails are set on a new course, and deZeption is working on new electronic pop music in the same style, as they were originally known for. So, deZeption is for sure alive and kicking again – working on new material for a 3rd album now. Town And Towers Records are really excited to be part of this new journey together with Jan Brink.

In the meantime, Town And Towers Records will be releasing deZeption’s 10 track debut album ‘Human Eyes’ on all digital platforms very soon. For the first time, one of the Danish synthpop history’s real treasures will be out for the masses. First up, will be two singles from the debut album.

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