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e:lect (SE)

Female powered synth act. A mixture of futuristic synthpop and EBM vibes

e:lect is a female electronic duo from Sweden. The two childhood friends Hella Helin and Anna Ljunggren formed the band in 2016. Both members have been involved in different musical projects over the years. e:lect’s music can be described as a mixture of futuristic synthpop with EBM vibes. The music is produced by Hella and the lyrics and vocal parts are written and performed by both Anna and Hella.

The band have released several singles, and EP and two albums.

e:lect has also been featured on a few electronic music compilations, including “Face The Beat” session 5 and 6 from the renowned Belgian electro / industrial music magazine: Side-Line Magazine.

e:lect is a great live band, and they have played concerts with big renowned Swedish artists, such as Covenant, Tobias Bernstrup, and Patrik Adolfsson.

The bands third album will be released with us later in 2024. And we can already promise it will be awesome.

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