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Supercraft : All You’ll Ever Be – remix EP

New future pop release with SUPERCRAFT - All You'll Ever Be (remix EP)

Norwegian future pop stars SUPERCRAFT are back with a re-release of SUPERCRAFT’s 7 track remix EP ‘All You’ll Ever Be’. Originally released on CD back in 2019. Norwegian Future pop – the SUPERCRAFT way!

SUPERCRAFT has been making catchy futurepop EBM and synthpop tunes for more than 15 years. The band was founded in 2007 by childhood friends Egil Thomas Hansen and Geir Arne Johansen both with many years in the music industry in their luggage. The band have toured in both Norway, Sweden and Germany and played many succesfull concerts. In December 2023 the band also got a new member. Their friend, Kim Lunner, another well know Norwegian electronic artist, who has played as a live-band member at SUPERCRAFT’s concerts during 2023.

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