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Platronic : Calling (Mitten in der Nacht) – New single and music video

New single and music video out from Platronic - out on EBM day 24.2. - celebrating the bands 4th anniversary

New single and music video out from Platronic – out on EBM day 24.2. – celebrating the bands 4th anniversary

It only takes one song to bring back a thousand memories – that is exactly what the new Platonic single did for me. 
It is rough with sweetness. Kay and Sami aka Platronic has truly made a brilliant track here. The intro with a hammer on an anvil made me think of Depeche Mode’s ‘People Are People’, then the heavy beat and suddenly a passage with a girl speaking in German – like if Visage’s ‘Fade to Grey’ was made by a dark wave band from Germany – and yet the catchy chorus could have been from an ABBA song. And then there is the guitar rif, that sounds a bit like Rammstein was invited to add a guitar piece to the track.
It all may sound like an odd thing… – but it actually works really well all together in the new powerful track from Platronic.
This gem had been lying in Sami’s vault for 4 years. The only thing missing were lyrics and a vocal melody! 
In the damn cold Finnish winter of 2023, a mysterious woman from Germany visited Sami in his studio. She told him about her ghosts from the past, that still haunt her. They were CALLING her name MITTEN IN DER NACHT. And in the middle of the night magic happened, and at the break of dawn, a new Platronic song was ready…
Wait, that’s not the whole story! 
Kay and Sami forwarded the track to a very talented musician and friend from Hungary. Just to get some feedback. But, they got so much more… Békási Tamás composed and added a fantastic guitar solo and riff!

Now, it’s time to listen to Platronic’s brand new single “Calling – Mitten in der Nacht” – with influences from Depeche Mode, Rammstein, ABBA, Alphaville and Propaganda. Rough with sweetness!

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About the video:
Because of their 4th anniversary on 24.02.2024 (International EBM day) Platronic wanted to create a very special video. And before they knew what it should be all about, they already knew where to film: The rad “Radio- ja tv-museo Mastola” (Finnish Radio and TV museum, Lahti) and the outstanding old Olavinlinna Castle – the northernmost medieval castle in the world (in Savonlinna, Finland).
– And the video story? A detective, a mysterious woman and a treasure! A thrilling detective story in black and white! Film noir style. Drumroll… fanfare…

Link to music video:

Written, produced, mixed and mastered by Platronic.
The guitar part is composed and played by Békási Tamás.

Concept and script by Platronic.
Directed, filmed and edited by Platronic

Platronic are Finnish composer/producer Some-E (Sami) and German singer-songwriter and co-producer Kay Burden (“3rd best female artist 2019”, Radio Wigwam Awards, UK).  
What started with chatting about electronic music on Instagram in 2019 and the idea of collaborating in the foreseeable future, surprisingly turned into a real duo on EBM DAY – 24 February 2020!  
Since End of March 2023 – five self released singles, one EP, two nominations for “Best Newcomer” later and after entering “Deutsche Alternative Charts” several times plus a triumphant live performance as warm-up for Swedish Synthrocker PRIEST in Helsinki – Platronic is a proud and happy member of the Town and Towers Records Family. A Danish Label and Music Management, focused on synth music. Like Kay and Sami… but now they can finally focus more on doing it! Synthmusic of course!

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