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Platronic (FIN/GER)

Platronic's style is sinfully elegant Dreampop with deeper meaning, spiced up with danceable electronic beats and topped with velvety female vocals. EEM - Emotional Electronic Music.

Platronic are Finnish composer/producer Some-E (Sami) and German singer-songwriter Kay Burden (Awarded a 3rd place in “best female artist 2019”, Radio Wigwam Awards, UK).
Platronic’s style is sinfully elegant Dreampop with deeper meaning, spiced up with danceable electronic beats and topped with velvety female vocals. EEM – Emotional Electronic Music. Some say, they sound like a mix of VNV Nation and Kirlian Camera.
Their mission is to be free from genre boundaries. Kay and Sami simply want to create danceable, dreamy, daring sounds and melodies mixed with poetic – and sometimes critical – lyrics, that are etched into the memory.
What started out as chatting about electronic music on Instagram in 2019 ended up with the idea of collaborating in the future, and surprisingly turned into a real duo on EBM DAY – 24 February 2020!

Since End of March 2023 – five self released singles, one EP, two nominations for “Best Newcomer” later and after entering “Deutsche Alternative Charts” several times, plus a triumphant live performance as warm-up for Swedish Synthrocker PRIEST in Helsinki – Platronic is a proud and happy member of the Town and Towers Records Family.

What the experts say about Platronic

“…The Finnish-German duo Platronic arrived to warm up Priest, whose dreamy expression leaning towards synthpop was captivatingly beautiful at its best.” Kaaoszine, Finland

“…presenting Platronic as a refuge for those who wander between the euphoria of Annie Lennox and the soundscapes of Yazoo…” Sound&Vision, Mexico

“…echoes of German pioneers can be heard… strongly melodic…catchy, durable and danceable in a futuristic way…”

Mika Roth, (Finland)

“Sinfully elegant dreampop…” / Sonic Seducer (Deutschland)

“It’s [the music] got a wonderful spirit and electro pop sensibility to it which I love. I imagine it sounds absolutely amazing live.” / Jules Maxwell (Dead Can Dance)

“Synthrock with heart” / The Electricity Club, UK

“Musical match made in heaven” / Fresh on the Net, UK”

“Dreampop-infused slice of electronic heaven, reminiscent of VNV Nation and Kirlian Camera” / Analogue Trash, UK

“There is no formula here; just two artists doing what they do very, very well” / Kitty the DJ, New York City

“Impressive, infectious and intense! Abba-esque!” / Dr. Neil March, Trust the Doc Radio, UK


“Best Electro Act” – Wigwam Online Radio Awards 2021 (UK)
“Best Newcomer 2021” – Sonic Seducer Magazine (Germany)

Past live gigs

2023-03-03: On The Rocks, Helsinki (FI) support act for Priest (SE)
2022-09-16: Elektroland Festival Herlev (DK)
2022-10-05: Kori Klubi, Lahti (FI)
2022-10-07: Superwood Festival, Helsinki (FI)

Some-E is a multi-genre electronic music producer from Finland, who started creating music in 1990, just in time for getting in touch with warehouse techno, which shaped his music from that point on. Growing up in 80’s gave a good view of development and rise of synthesizers and electronic music.
In his own music the contrast usually shows up in the form of strong beat with beautiful harmony. His biggest sources of inspiration in modern music history were the synthesizers in general, but acid house in the late 80’s and techno in the early 90’s. Genres or styles he’s worked on, and will like to continue with are techno variants from minimal to gabber, acid house, 90’s dance/trance, new age, ambient, EBM, goa trance, ballads, electro, synthwave.
2019 marked a significant year in music career for him: his own hardware synthesizer studio equipped with gear from around early 90’s, including a large analog mixing desk, the first Spotify releases, first track on BeatPort and on vinyl, first remix projects via labels, remixing and connecting with other artists…like with german singer and songwriter Kay Burden…

Kay Burden is a passionate singer and songwriter who can ‘think’ and ‘feel’ with her music. In her songs she loves to combine slightly melancholic but very catchy melodies with very emotional, intense and poetical lyrics.
She has been lead singer of a number of bands across Germany and done collaborations with artists from all over the world. In reviews she is often named in same breath as Alison Moyet and Terri Nunn. It was her love of electronic music of the 80s that brought her to work on German BSC project 2018 which subsequently led to a collaboration with award winning english electro artist and producer Mark Kendrick of ‚Fused‘. Their joined single „Tear me to pieces“ (07/19) and the followed collab track „Never“ (09/19) with scottish artist Jigsaw Sequence have been very well received in the underground radio and indie electronic music scene.
In Autumn 2019 Kay Burden has been awarded “3rd best female artists” by Radio Wigwam, UK!
March 2020 Kay was featured as guest singer on the brilliant new Version of the 80s classic „TV News“ by Stereo in Solo (Paris) remixed by Mystic Experience (Suisse). Her latest charity song “Mother Earth” (05/20) – co-written by british producer All Star Motivator – has been brilliantly remixed by various international electronic artists. One of them was Some-E…

Now it’s time for Platronic!

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