Bedes (Tom Russel) is an electronic musician/producer hailing from Manchester in the UK.
A signature of Bedes sound is the blending of classical instruments with modern electronic beats and synths. Music is overlayed with personal vocals which tell stories inspired by true events of the past and hopes for the future.
Bedes’ first release from Town And Towers Records will be the track ‘One Nine – 99’ – Release date, October 15th, 2021.

Bedes’ first release – ‘One Nine – 99’ is exactly this – an emotive track which reflects on days gone by and the yearning for youth. This is a common theme in his music, with the name itself, Bedes, taken from his high school.  A number of songs are inspired by this time when every experience was felt more intensely and there was a constant sense of excitement for the future. Prior to Bedes, Tom has been the frontman for the band LEOPLD since 2017. The band have released a number of EPs and singles during this time and remain active today. 

Being from Manchester, a number of artists have influenced Bedes’ style, especially New Order, Joy Division, and more recent acts such as Hurts and the 1975. Oscar and the Wolf, Emmit Fenn and even the Weeknd are all listed as sources of inspiration too, with elements of all combining to form the unique sound that is Bedes.

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