Town And Towers Records are excited to announce, that we will release a single in January 2021, and during the spring an EP with the Danish synthpop band Disrupted Being. 

The EP will be released worldwide for all synthpop lovers around the world to enjoy – from fans in USA, Europe to the Far East and Asia. Watch out for the EP with the amazing synth sounds and voice of Disrupted Being.

Disrupted Being is Peter Wammen and Morten Kristensen, and they both have a deep love for both new and vintage analogue synths, but they also embrace all other sound-generating devices (electronic or not). We are looking forward to a great collaboration with the amazing guys in Disrupted Being.

We can hardly wait to present the amazing music of Disrupted Being to the world. Many fans of 80’s synth music will recognize inspiration in the music from both Jean Michel Jarre, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Kraftwerk, Simple Minds and Ultravox. In fact, one of Morten’s newly acquired  synths is the ARP Odyssey, also known as a favorite of Ultravox’s Billy Currie.