Our mission is to ensure Danish and Nordic synthpop will get out into the world.

We are a small Record Label and Music Management company, focusing on a very personal engagement with our clients. We love, live and breate for synthpop and electronic music.
We help where it’s needed – and don’t focus on a certain revenue, but instead the shared love of synth music created by the bands, that we choose to engage ourselves in to get their music out.
Still, we will always make a written contract so we and you will know, what we have agreed.

We are a member of DUP (Danish Independent Record Companies), and have thus e.g. signed to act as a responsible company ensuring a fair and good business between label and artist as per their Code of Conduct. You can click the logo below to verify our membership.

How can I get my music out in the world? How do I make a cover artwork? What is KODA and GRAMEX? How can I ensure rights for my music? What is a ISRC code? How can I get a correct EAN code for a release? How can I promote my songs and get a fanbase? What is playlist pitching? How can I get payment from my music being played? Where do my fans live?
Well, don’t worry – you focus on the music, and we will take care of all the other things.

The common process with us starts up with us listening to the artist’s songs, listening to the story behind their lyrics and what they are all about, and what is the bands vision for the music.

On that basis, we might talk about them considering choosing a producer, studio technicians, etc. to make sure all will sound good. If the band only have demos, we take a few more rounds and get into more detail with the sound. We continue until the final release, where we also will help with things like the visual identity if needed. Then we look at the possibilities of marketing and PR together with the artist. We can examine the figures from e.g. Google Analytics, Spotify, YouTube and Facebook as we lay out a release date and maybe a concert schedule for the artist. We look at the data we have access to and see how the geographical, gender and age demographics are distributed among existing fans, and then we make a marketing choice on that basis.

What we do:

Distribution – digitally, worldwide on all platforms (more than 200):
iTunes / Apple Music and Amazon, and any popular streaming-provider such as Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, YouTube Premium, Google Play, Telmore Music, YouSee Music, Napster, MediaNet, Slacker, KKBox, Pandora etc.

Distribution – physically if needed, shipping of: CD, Vinyl, Merch.

Pitching to playlists

Analysis tools for processing usage data (e.g. who plays your music, where etc.)

Graphics, Photography, Marketing and Promotion

Creation and registering of correct EAN code / barcode for your releases

Rights Management – We ensure registering your music with KODA, NBC and Gramex.

Administration of Royalties – We settle payment four times a year and manage and distribute the sales revenue between the artist/performers and make any relevant royalty payments to participating musicians or producers.

We can help you with trusted CD and Vinyl producers, and ensure you get a good and fair price.