Kim Lunner is a Norwegian synth and futurepop artist. He has created music for almost 12 years. Kim has a fully operational studio at home. He has a synth story with the Norwegian band SUPERCRAFT. He played some concerts with them in Germany and in Norway.
Kim has always made music, but did not like to sing, until 3 years ago. Kim came into the synth environment via his friends Egil Thomas Hansen and Richard Bjørklund in the band Spectralized. Richard has been a mentor for Kim for about 7 years. Otherwise everything is self-taught with good advice from friends.
Kim has also played at big concerts, as a drummer, with the band Shatoo in 2013, had a gig in Halden in Norway at the Fortress with about 2.500 people attending and also gigs in Sweden, e.g. In Gothenburg.
Kim is also awesome at making remixes for other artists/bands. He has recently made a great remix for one of our other artists, Cold Connection , and their track ‘Strange Kind of Paradise’.
Listen to the remix here:

Listen to Kim’s music here: