We are very happy to announce a new artist in the Town And Towers Records family. Cold Connection.

Cold Connection is a swedish synthpop act belonging in the top of the world-renowned Swedish synthpop league, defined by bands like Elegant Machinery, Covenant, Machinista, S.P.O.C.K, and Vogon Poetry. The band has also deep roots into Sweden’s esteemed synth based pop legacy, where bands like Ace of Base, Robyn, Army of Lovers and many more have been ruling the charts all over the world since the 90’s.

Town And Towers Records will release Cold Connection’s debut album “Seconds of Solitude” on all major digital platforms on October 15th. The album is a true masterpiece within the classic old school synth scene, with a blend of atmospheric, bouncy and melancholic synthpop. Influenced by acts such as Depeche Mode, Camouflage, Erasure, Kraftwerk, Rational Youth and Elegant Machinery. Each song has its own story to tell.

The album release will be followed with some single and remix releases from the album, done by great remixers such as People Theatre, Patrick Kambo, ill Humans (Arvid Arays) and Kim Lunner.

And we also might have something brand new coming up from Cold Connection 😉

Daniel Billqvist, Stig Wintendorff and Pontus Olsson signing the paper of their new collaboration.