Today, we are very proud to a announce the second worldwide release of a Disrupted Being track.
“Innocence” is the second single release from Danish synthpop/darkwave band Disrupted Being. The track is an up-tempo catcy song with captivating lyrics and a strong chorus. Some might hear a bit of inspiration from the 80s German synthpop band The Twins, and early 80s Duran Duran and John Foxx.

This single follows a succesful first release of the single “Devoted”, which had amazings reviews and also became a featured track on Synthpop Your World (, and it also secured a big follower growth for Disrupted Being on Spotify. “Innocence” will be followed up with a 6 track ep – Retrograde in May 2021.

– Go get the great up-tempo synth track “Innocence” by Disrupted Being on the link below:

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