FINALLY, first SoftWave live concert is now in the calendar after Covid-19 had closed all down.
We are SO EXCITED and can’t wait to see you again on Nov. 13th, 2020!

SoftWave, photo by Dag Stinus

This time SoftWave will perform with the lovely Italo Disco community at their 2 day event. It is the first time SoftWave will perform at ‘Scene 7’ in Herning in Jylland.
SoftWave will perform along with the legends of Italo – Ken Laszlo and Italoconnection, and also Antilles, Yuhniversia, Fransesca Gastaldi and DJs Mike Platinas, Jeffrey and Suna In The Mix, DJ Thomas Disco, DJ Sergi Elias.

Link to event:

Arranged by Italo Disco DK and Maxi Madness, Denmark.