We are happy to announce, that Electro Shock Records in Germany will be releasing SoftWave’s remix album “Game On 1-Up” soon.

Exclusively, for our readers and followers, you can already now buy the CD on Electro Shock Record’s shop, before the commercial release.


(After Oct. 1st it’s available via the German retailer POPoNAUT and from softwave.bandcamp.com)

Album listening:

1. Something Is Missing (Chris Hurts Time Voyage) 06:17

2. No Need To Hide (Antilles Mix) 03:55

3. Galaxy Of Stars (Daysound Remix) 04:30

4. Curiosity (Dany Comaro Remix) 03:40

5. Reflected Memories (Till Wild Remix) 03:50

6. Human Beings (Ian Burden Ballad Mix) 03:08

7.I Need Love (Projekt Ich Remix) 04:34

8. No Need To Hide (Circuit3 Remix) 04:46

9. Reflected Memories (Reflection Remix) 04:37

10. Human Beings (Nature of Wires Remix) 04:02

11. Guardian Angel (Cosaquitos en Globo RMX) 04:33

12. No Need To Hide (Tri Minh-Live Jungle Remix) 05:24

*CD incl. a Special Bonus: when buying the album you also get an exclusive free download of SOFTWAVE’s concert as support-act of OMD. The recording was done at the show in Oslo’s Rockefeller Venue in spring 2020!