We are super happy to welcome Swedish synth act Eternity Range to the Town And Towers Records family.

Eternity Range is a synthpop act originally formed in South Sweden in 2000 by Andreas Rimheden and Marie Hagelqvist.
Together, they had occasionally recorded music since the mid 90s. The style ranged from synthpop to minimalistic industrial songs and were often a crossover between these styles. Around the beginning of the new millenium they decided to really form a band together. They started producing songs for a full length album, which was eventually released in 2002 and was called Private Void.
In the year 2003 a third member joined the band: Loita Jahnsson, who plays the violin. By then the band had already made most of the songs for a second album on which their musical style has developed further into something more ethereal, sensitive and mellow; a darker form of synthpop with apparent strokes of industrial harshness and electronic cold.

The inspiration for their music and lyrics is taken from life itself, from nightmares and from the many times that they are the same thing. Vulnerability, hopelessness, sorrow, fear and existential doubt are the main lyrical themes.

Listen here: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3A3M1uWPnDNtaEvxu8tW20