Supercraft has been making catchy synthpop and futurpop tunes for more than 15 years.
And our first release will be a true fan gem from 2010 😎🖤👍🏻

The band was founded in 2007 by Norwegian childhood friends Egil Thomas Hansen and Geir Arne Johansen, both with many years in the music industry individually in their luggage. It is often said their Futurepop has got a slightly retro sound, a sound that often takes you back to the prime days of synthpop at the 80’s.

But, Supercraft has their own musical expression with a mix of socially engaged lyrics, distinct sounds, and Thomas’ powerful voice. Supercraft is known for both putting a smile on your face and make you reflect about difficulties in life. The melodies are well-crafted and constructed with alluring sound treatments, carrying leads and danceable rhythms. Some of the leads are also pretty dance-like, but it clearly fits with the global approach of the band.

The songs and lyrics are melodic and catchy while still featuring familiar melancholic passages. You often find yourself ending up whistling their song or singing along after listening to them.

No doubt, that Supercraft have made a well known name and also made their their way into many hearts in the synthpop environment with their strong melodies and catchy choruses.

Supercraft are often compared to other norwegian bands like Apoptygma Berzerk, spektralized, Echo Image and Icon of Coil OfficialThe band is also strongly influenced by international bands like VNV Nation, AND ONE, Covenant (OFFICIAL), Channel-East of course Depeche Mode and New Order.

The music is powerful synthpop/futurepop with moods that makes it the perfect electro-pop songs to party. If you’re into electro/future-pop you’re gone love it! And you need to play it loud!!!

Supercraft released their debut album “Things we do” in 2009, followed by the single “Shiver & Burn” in 2010 on the German label Codeline Records. After spending 2011 with gigs in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany, Supercraft returned to the studio to write their next album “Nation 47”, released in 2012 on the American label A Different Drum. 2012 was also spent with a succesful tour in Germany. In 2013 they released the EP “stranded” on Scent-Air Records. In 2018 the third album from Supercraft “Select & Operate” was released on Scent-Air Records. The album continiues the legacy from their previous albums with powerful synthpop/futurepop music. “Select & Operate” was the first full-lenght album from Supercraft since “Nation 47″ in 2012. The album took Geir and Egil many years to complete. Much work, but a lot of fun! Play it loud! The bands latest release is the great single “All You’ll Ever Be” from 2019.

Many of Town And Towers Records followers might recognize the name, Egil Thomas Hansen, vocalist and programmer of Supercraft, as he is the man behind our artist, ETH. After almost 12 years in the synthpop/futurepop scene as a part of the duo Supercraft, Thomas completed his long planned solo album “Somewhere But Here” in 2020. For people familiar with Supercraft, you will find futurepop as the driving genre of ETH, but also songs containing a more acoustic approach.

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