We happy to announce, that the Norwegian synth and futurepop artist Kim Lunner will join our label.

Kim has created music for almost 12 years. He has a synth story with the Norwegian band SUPERCRAFT. He played some concerts with them in Germany and in Norway. Kim has always made music, but did not like to sing, until 3 years ago. Kim came into the synth environment via hvis friend Egil Thomas Hansen and Richard Bjørklund in the band Spectralized. Richard has been a mentor for Kim for about 7 years. Otherwise everything is self-taught with good advice from friends. Kim has a fully operational studio at home.Kim has also played big concerts, as a drummer, with the band Shatoo in 2013, had a gig in Halden in Norway at the Fortress with about 2.500 people attending and also gigs in Sweden, e.g. In Gothenburg.Kim is also awesome at making remixes for other artists/bands. He has recently made a great remix for one of our other artists, Cold Connection , and their track ‘Strange Kind of Paradise’.
Listen to the remix here: https://open.spotify.com/album/0tuo0GMPKIxiGJTwkJk0QL

Listen to Kim’s music here: